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Tintin : Flight 714

Tintin, Captain Haddock and Calculus are on their way to Sydney for an international conference on space exploration. While their flight makes a refueling stop in Jakarta's Kemayoran Airport, they unexpectedly meet their old friend Piotr Skut (see The Red Sea Sharks for backstory), who is now the chief pilot for eccentric millionaire Laszlo Carreidas. A short time earlier, the Captain had erroneously taken the somewhat disheveled Carreidas for a tramp and surreptitiously slipped him a five-dollar bill, which later is taken by the oblivious Professor Calculus, making the millionaire laugh for the first time in years. When introduced to Carreidas, the Captain inadvertently shakes the hand of the millionaire's secretary, the tall, aloof Spalding.

Unable to politely refuse Carreidas's offer of a ride on his prototype private jet, Tintin and his friends join the millionaire on the way to Sydney. Carreidas plays Battleships with the Captain, defeating him repeatedly by cheating with a hidden closed-circuit television camera and monitor. Unbeknownst to Carreidas and the others, Spalding and two of the pilots, Boehm and Colombani, have been recruited to hijack the plane and bring it to a deserted volcanic island called Pulau-Pulau Bompa in the Celebes Sea. Skut is not involved in this plot; therefore he becomes a prisoner too. After a rough landing, our friends are escorted out of the plane, and a terrified Snowy breaks out of Tintin's arms and runs off. Armed guards shoot at him, and a mortified Tintin believes that he has died.

A moment or two later, to Tintin's further shock, it is shown that the mastermind of the plot is none other than the evil Rastapopoulos, who declares on grounds that "it's a bore to stop being a millionaire" that it would be easier to simply take Carreidas' fortune. Accordingly, he has hatched an elaborate scheme to kidnap Carreidas and extract his Swiss bank account number. Captain Haddock's corrupt ex-shipmate, Allan, is working (as in earlier books) as Rastapopoulos's henchman.

The prisoners are therafter bound and held in Japanese World War II-era bunkers. A use of the real Indonesian language occurs here: while on duty, two of Tintin's captors talk about a particular Indonesian dish that originated in Java, sambel bajak (ground chilli sauce with shrimp paste).


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