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Nicholas Sparks - A Bend in the Road


A Bend in the Road is the fifth novel by the American author Nicholas Sparks, who also wrote the novels A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, and The Rescue. It was published in 2001.

A Bend in the Road tells the story of Miles Ryan and Sarah Andrews. It is written in both first and third-person, the primary third-person narrative emphasis is equally split between Miles's and Sarah's stories. The first person narrator remains unknown through the majority of the novel; however, the first person narrator is somehow stated in the story to be the one who was the driver who killed Miles' wife, Missy Ryan. The majority of the story takes place in 1988.
Miles Ryan, a deputy sheriff in the North Carolina town of New Bern, loses his wife Missy in a hit-and-run accident. He wants to bring the driver that killed his wife to justice. Miles meets his son's teacher Sarah Andrews, who moved to his town from Baltimore after a difficult divorce. Drawn together by Jonah's school troubles, the two start to date and eventually fall in love. The most significant date is when they go on the town's Ghost Walk and listen to a ghost story about a couple who lived in war times. The couple were forbidden to see each other, however, they communicated through the use of candles, which signified that they missed and loved each other. The man is killed by an order of the girl's father, sending the girl into depression. The night before, he had sent her a letter, asking her to marry him. Her response would be two candles for yes or one candle for no. She lights two candles and commits suicide over grief of her lost love.
Everything is going perfect between the two. Miles and Jonah meets Sarah's entire family and is somewhat sure of his future with her.
That's when a shocking secret is revealed. Miles is reminded of his past when information about Missy's accident is revealed. Brian, Sarah's brother, is revealed to be the one who hit Missy and the mysterious first-person narrator from the beginning of the book. Miles is enraged and believes that Sarah knew this from the beginning and planned everything out. Sarah is completely awestruck and doesn't know what to do. Miles explodes on Sarah and says that they're through. Sarah and Brian must fight and survive through Miles' dangerous anger and troubling wants for revenge, as Miles' past actions haunt them as they wait for something to happen.
Eventually, Miles' makes sense of everything and makes a decision. Miles waits at the cemetery by Missy's grave where he knows Brian will come. Brian does indeed come, carrying flowers and wondering when Miles would approach him. When Miles speaks to Brian, he is afraid, but decides to accept what might happen. Instead, Miles tells Brian to never mention the accident to anyone ever in his life, and that he forgives him, as long as he does something worthwhile with his life. Miles decides to keep Brian's confession as a secret, only between him and Sarah. Brian goes home, utterly surprised, but knows that what Miles said was right. He goes on with his life without a problem.
We flash-forward back to normal time when Brian is writing. He moved on from his tragedy and starts a brand new life by moving to California, getting married for the first time and becoming an ER doctor and has saved many lives over the course of the past few years, which makes him believe that he has done something worthwhile with his life. He ends his writing saying that he still sees Sarah often, although not as much as before due to the distance. He says that you may be able to guess what happened to Sarah and Miles.
The POV changes to Sarah, a few days after Miles said that they were over. She says that if he hasn't already called, then there is no chance that they're getting back together. She gets out of her car and looks up at her apartment window when she sees something unexpected, Miles and Jonah waiting for her inside. And together, they all reunite.[wikipedia]

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