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The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett


This is a story about a little girl called Mary who was born in India. Her parents died in a earthquake and she was forced to move to England and stay in her uncle’s house. One night, she woke up hearing someone cry, crept down stairs and went into a room where she saw a boy in bed. It was Collin, her cousin
but she didn’t know she had one. She also met a girl called Martha and a boy called Dickon. Mary didn't know that Collin could not walk and besides that, everyone thought he was going to die. But Mary and Dickon taught him to walk and he was so pleased. One day, Mary found a secret garden that had been closed for ages. It had been closed so long because its owner, Mary’s aunt ,died and Mary’s uncle didn’t want anyone going into it. When he saw her in the graden, he was pleased and promised Mary he would never lock it up again.[]

Language: English